Utsayan Motors

                            “ A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” Lee Bolman

How we are going to do it....


1) Making a team

 To accomplish tasks in a better way and get success in it we need to form a good team. Forming a team of peoples who are Creative, Intelligent, Passionate and able to do hard work is our topmost priority. We are looking for interested candidates who are studying or recently passed out engineering graduates from EEE, ECE, Power Electronics, Mechanical and Automobile or any other equivalent branch of engineering. They must be interested and have knowledge of electric vehicles.

2) Think of best ideas or solutions

 After forming a good team there is a need of getting best ideas from each one of us. To get this done we will brainstorm and try to find out best ideas and solutions among us. Here we will also keep in mind that, the idea being thought of is as per the current need of the market trend.

3) Innovate and understanding the feasibility of the ideas

 We will also give attention that each idea is entirely new and feasible to use and try to answer various questions such as, How it is going to benefit end users ? What impact it will create in long run ? Whether it is feasible or dumb idea to use ? Whether it will be able to delight customers or not ? What will be product cost ? and various other questions. 


4) Designing of product

 After brainstorming new idea and understanding the feasibility of the project. The next step is to design. The designing of product is to be done here by keeping various parameters of design in mind. It includes all design steps from conceptual design to detailed design. It will be done with the help of various design and analysis software’s.

5) Manufacturing of product

 After designing of product, prototype will be created, and testing will be done. If it is found during this stage any modification is to be done, then it will be done. Otherwise the manufacturing of the product will take place based on demand of the market. Along with this marketing will be also done of the product in order to increase its sales.


6) Marketing of product

 It is the last step but not the least. Marketing will be done alone with manufacturing of the product. Here we will make sure that enough stock is available as per demand in market. Various marketing strategies will be applied so that our product reaches to every customer. One important step of fundraising is missing which will be carried out simultaneously while making a product.