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Why working with us will provide extra edge and best time is now.

It is everyone dream to do something for the society and get fame for it. But due to lack of support and less opportunity a dream remains dream only. Only few of them are able to convert dream into reality but many of them are not. This leads to frustration and morale of person goes down. Being capable of doing they are not able to utilize their talent and it goes waste.

If they get opportunity their talent will not go waste and will be able to show their true talent and society will be benefitted through this. So, this type of opportunities which give chance to prove their talent are very less.

Utsayan Motors gives you opportunity to show the world your true talent. Here you will work as a leader. You will lead yourself with your thoughts and become what you want with your hard work. There is a saying that “What you think you becomes.”  You will work to achieve at any cost. Here you will get chance to prove your unsung talent and bring out dying will alive of doing something different from others.

It is an excellent opportunity to work as a team where students from various engineering branches will brainstorm to get the best ideas and work to achieve single goal.

Automobile is one of the creative fields where you can do unlimited innovations. If you are passionate of cars, bikes or any other automobiles and like different designs and complex machines which runs them and you want to create one. Then here is the good opportunity to fulfill your wish. Because we also believe that there is no limit to think so there is no limit to do innovations. So, open your mind and try to think as much as innovations as you can think of or do until you set a benchmark in innovations.  But you must remember that your innovation should be such that it is beneficial for the society and the people among whom we are living.  

It is the best time to work with us because as you know automobile is in midst of technological disruption. Slowly automobile industry is shifting its focus towards electric vehicle segment because of change in policy by government which aims for going 30% electric by 2030. Also, government initiative of Make in India, Vocal for Local and Atmanirbhar has made it clear that more products and its components will be made in India and will not be imported from other countries, which used to happen earlier.

Taxes and GST rates on selling of electric vehicles are reduced to great extent and FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) schemes is there for promotion of electric vehicles in which government provides subsidies on purchase of electric vehicles.

Many startups like Ather energy, Emflux motors, Tork motorcycles has already established their market and by doing so they have proved that it can be done by young generations also. It requires strong determination and positive thinking to achieve any goal.

As everybody knows that nothing is made overnight. It takes time. Similarly making an electric vehicle is not overnight work. It may take a time of approx. 2 years. So, working from now itself will give results after two years

Come together and let us start working in a team to make a world a better place to live.

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