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Why Utsayan Motors is different from other Start-ups

Our start-up is different in many aspects which we will discuss one by one.

You may have heard that generally start-up is formed when the students have passed out from colleges or during their job. But this start-up is not like that. It will be run by students who are in their year of study. It means they are studying as well as doing work side by side. This is the uniqueness of our start-up. You will be wondering what the advantage of this is.  We have discussed the same in following lines.

Our first point is that we are providing opportunities to students of Pre-final year, final year and fresh graduates. We have chosen students from various years as mentioned because it will help to learn from their seniors. Like Pre-final years students will learn from final year students and similarly final year students will learn from fresh graduates or experienced professional. It will create cross learning atmosphere and they will feel more confident because even they mistake someone will be there to rectify it. It will help them to express their idea more confidently. Working with less age gap always provides more fun at work and interest remain in work for longer duration. In addition, their thinking capacity will increase which will help in providing solutions to problems quickly. This will help in their future career too.

Our second point is that we are providing opportunities to students of different Engineering branches to work on single project. Before this they may have not got this opportunity to work like this. Most projects that are made involves maximum two Engineering departments. But our project will involve multiple Engineering departments. It will provide good learning experience for student’s belongings to different departments. It will provide them experience to work in a team and leadership skills will be enhanced to great extent.

And last but not the least, we are going to make our product from scratch. Otherwise majority of product are either modified or redesigned based on requirements. But here you will get opportunity to design each component based on your ideas and opinions. It is always fun to create a product from scratch. There will lot of mistakes and time consuming. But to make a best product it always takes time and our mistakes will become point of learning for our future projects.

In this way from working with inexperienced people to cross learning atmosphere and working from scratch makes our start-up different from others. It is like road less travelled.

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