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How I want my dream start-up to be.

I have a dream of running a start-up whose working style is different from others. Not regular 9 to 6 or 10 to 7 job. This is the start up that will be run by young engineering graduates. But what’s new in it? It will be run with an idea of students. Isn’t it different? Because you are studying and at the same time you are working also. Running a start up by giving an opportunity to young graduates who are studying, it is like dream come true but how one can work while studying. I mean, how I will come to office while studying? How I will spend 8 hours working alone with studying? These types of questions will be coming in your mind one by one. No need to lower your excitement. We have answer to all these questions. Neither you have to come office nor you have to work for 8 hours. You simply can utilize your area of work where you make practical projects such as labs, or any workshops of your colleges. You have to spend daily 2 to 3 hours of your precious time. Working for daily 2 to 3 hours while studying will create a lot of difference in your life. Just started doing it. Soon you will realize it.

Working on something that is related to well being of the future is exciting and at the same time challenging also. I am talking of electric vehicles which is the hour of need. So, we are going to work on to make innovative electric vehicles from scratch. From designing to final product everything will be made by ourselves. I will be your mentor guiding you and motivating you at any stage, if required. We are going to work as a team. As a team player it becomes our responsibility to do our assigned task with full confidence and honesty. I want to work with those people who can think independently. Who can take bold steps and motivate others to do so. Who are creative and innovative and but not the least who are passionate and self-confident.

I want to give opportunity to young leaders who can lead their respective departments and apply appropriate strategy for growth of the same. I want everyone to work with full enthusiasm and enjoy their work. I want to create an friendly atmosphere where people greet each other with smiling faces without any reproach and complaint. Everyone understand their responsibility and work with full commitment. I want people to be frank and open minded and do not hide any things inside themselves. I want people should support each other irrespective of any belief, religion, creed and sex. One who can connect socially and help the needy ones in a society in which they are living. I know that after reading you also have understood that I want our company to be ideal for everyone which is impossible to make without your support. So, come and become a part of our dream team.

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