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Why we chose road less travelled.

It is better to travel on road less travelled than to travel on road frequently travelled. It gives us opportunity to express ourselves more and push our limits to maximum. You will be wondering what we are talking about. We are talking about our path we have chosen. Working on electric vehicles seg…

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Why Utsayan Motors is different from other Start-ups

Our start-up is different in many aspects which we will discuss one by one.

You may have heard that generally start-up is formed when the students have passed out from colleges or during their job. But this start-up is not like that. It will be run by students who are in their year of study. It m…

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Why working with us will provide extra edge and best time is now.

It is everyone dream to do something for the society and get fame for it. But due to lack of support and less opportunity a dream remains dream only. Only few of them are able to convert dream into reality but many of them are not. This leads to frustration and morale of person goes down. Being capa…

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How I want my dream start-up to be.

I have a dream of running a start-up whose working style is different from others. Not regular 9 to 6 or 10 to 7 job. This is the start up that will be run by young engineering graduates. But what’s new in it? It will be run with an idea of students. Isn’t it different? Because you are studying and …

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Does Electric Vehicles future remains bleak in India ?

With consistent rise in pollution level in India and lack of implementation of Electric Vehicle (From now on EV) policy. India is facing lot of challenges in EV segment. According to Economic Times "Seven most polluted cities in the world were in India out of 10."



 According to THE …

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